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Gift/ Donation Plan Software

Gift/ Donation plan show new level of network marketing business. As name shows member pay to another member directly. Its like member help each other in critical situation and do transcations according to concept. Gift/ Donation plan is for short time and big earnings. Member can transfer to another member using bank, cash, perfect money, paypal, solid trust pay, credit card processor and many other services..
 How Donation and Gift Plan works?
 Donation plan is also know for Help Plan. Member send help to another member directly to its bank account or cash help. Here member get advantage of gifting or helping, concept of advantage may be in Daily Interest, Level Income or Binary Income. This is simply give and take concept. This concept is working fantastic in USA, UK, India, Russia and many other arab countries.
This plan acctually share cash from member to member. In some countries it can consider being pongy scheme. Here member join system freely and receive details of single or multiple peoples to credit to there account, and in same way he receive benefits after certain period of time. Each member receive gift from multiple persons. Members will deposit or gift directly to other members as the system shows. Most of this type of person not orgnized by a company. It says a non funding projects.
 Why Donation/ Gift plan is best then any other mlm plan?

  •  Member transfer fund directly to other member, no company, no legalities.
  • Use virtual currency any time any where like perfect money, bit coin, paypapl, payza, stp.
  • Earn Big and Lower Time, Because no extra investments
  • People are more likely to use the services on a regular basis, even after the initial flush of success has faded.
  • Gifting Plan start from low to high amount, can attract any community of peoples.

Why MLM Developers for Gift/ Donation Plan?
 MLM Developers design Donation plan software or Gift plan software work like a online manager.,. Who can do anything any time. With our software any type of commitment is possible figures can be modified any time from back end. 100% automated software manage everything from send help to get help and invite help commitments to calculation of commission. This system work flawlessly, using our System you can generate much and much revenue within short period of timing.

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