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Email Marketing is a form of business promotion. The software of email marketing is designed to promote business messages to group of people using emails.Email Marketing usually used to attain new costumers, increase customers involvement, and share latest company informations and events. All promotional material selected by marketing team. Email marketing Software has important feature to segment user lists to specifically target subsets of the larger user base.

 MLM Developers Email marketing Software is suitable for all business holders. You can setup your own email marketing system easily.

 Email Marketing Software


What You Can Expect from MLM Developers Email Marketing Software:

   Creation of Emails/ SMS Campaigns

   High Impact Newsletters Design

   Allow preview of emails before sending

    Track Results, Manage Contact List

    Manage potential business Email Lists

    Auto-responder System

    Manage Deliver Schedule day , date and time

    Group management

    Campaign analytics Result

    Flexible and Friendly Designing

If you want to find best and potential customers with scoring lead , MLM Developers is here to deliver best email marketing software services.

Contact today to setup your email marketing system we provide dedicated email marketing servers for small and large scale email marketers.











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The world of technology something new is comes out regularly, the era of Networking there are many new ways to earn money instantly. This is not on a small level but MLM running today worldwide. People believe to grab money by little efforts and less investment.

Recently the source of making money completely running online. Here are new technique telegram is working on all Networker’s mobiles to grab business opportunity, profit and success.

As well as we know digital currency like Bitcoin. This is a virtual currency, provides to people easy transaction on less commission rates. In this MLM global market where one side virtual currency is providing easy transaction of money beside telegram bot software is ready to support MLM holders easily .

 Make Money with telegrams and bitcoins

Telegram is a social media which helps you to connect the people, develop relations and business contacts. Here you can chat to others, create groups, channels etc.. Meanwhile Telegram is not only for chat but also it is a source of making money.There are many mlm Bots which offers you to make money online. You can Join and earn money easily from your mobile.. LARA, CoinR, Profit Robot are instance of Bots.

Require Things For Making Money Online:

     * You can Start earn money online from telegram so you need to download telegram application on your phone brand store.. as like Google play store and others..

     * You will need link of robots, which will source to paid money. This type of plan is concept of MLM Business , using bot softwares to make business easy.

     * You need to also get a bitcoin wallet it is safe and easy transaction for all, where you can get your income after can transfer to your bank account. To get bitcoin wallet is simple process. Go on and register here, this websites provides safe and secure bitcoin wallet to make transaction in simple way.

MLM Developers has developed telegram bot mlm softwares for MLM Business. we provide bot support system with telegram bot mlm software. Your views and inquiries is valuable for us . Find Free Bot Software Demo here.

Social Support: +91 9269991000

Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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I pick this article from American Express Open Forum, this Forum has various posts and ideas to develop business. Before start a business several things are essential to know.

With each new year, budding entrepreneurs look to turn their vision into a business. These startups are often overflowing with tremendous ideas, energy and optimism–but don’t always have a roadmap for the legal aspects involved in starting a business. In the flurry of drumming up new customers, getting ready for a website launch and building the first prototype, it’s all too easy to put off some of the less glamorous, more administrative aspects of running a company.


how to know legality of your business

Yes, company filings and regulations are not the most exciting parts of your startup. Yet they’re critical to the health of your business and personal finances. Here's a quick rundown of eight administrative aspects you need to consider for your startup or small business. Of course, depending on your situation and type of business, hiring a tax accountant and/or good attorney with specific experience in your industry can go a long way to helping you steer clear of trouble.

1. Did you pick a name? Make sure you're legally permitted to use it

Before you start printing out business cards, make sure the great new name you thought of isn’t infringing on the rights of an already existing business. In most cases, you don't need an attorney for this task, as you can perform a free search online that looks at business names registered with the Secretary of State–that will tell you if the name is available in your state. Then, take your search to the next level and conduct a no-conflict, free trademark search to see if your name is available for use in all 50 states.

And considering you can still infringe on someone else’s trademark even if they’ve never formally registered it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, you should also do a comprehensive search into all state and local databases (look for an affordable online service to help you with this).

2. Register a fictitious business name/DBA

Ever notice those endless fictitious name announcements in the classifieds of your local paper? You may need one, too. A DBA (Doing Business As) must be filed whenever your company does business under a different name. If you’ve got a sole proprietorship or general partnership, a DBA is needed if your company name is different from your own name. For an LLC or corporation, a DBA must be filed to conduct business using a name that’s different from the official Corporation or LLC name you filed. For example, my company is officially incorporated as CorpNet, Inc., so we needed to file DBAs for the variations and CorpNet. These are typically filed at the state and/or county level.

3. Incorporate your Business or form an LLC

Forming an LLC or corporation is an essential step to protect your personal assets (such as your personal property or your child’s college fund) from any liabilities of the company. Each business structure has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your specific circumstances. Three popular options are: the LLC (great for small businesses that want legal protection, but minimal formality), S Corporation (great for small businesses that can qualify), or C Corporation (for companies who plan to seek funding from a VC or go public).

And one other word of advice, Delaware and Nevada are two popular states for business incorporation. However, if your business has less than five shareholders, you’re better off forming an LLC in the state where you operate your business (i.e. where you live).

4. Get a federal tax ID number

To distinguish your business as a separate legal entity, you'll need to obtain a Federal Tax Identification Number, also referred to as an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Issued by the IRS, the tax ID number is similar to your personal social security number and allows the IRS to track your company's transactions. If you’re a sole proprietor, you’re not obligated to get a Tax ID number, but it’s still good practice as you won’t have to provide your personal social security number for business matters.

5. Learn about employee laws

Your legal obligations as an employer begin as soon as you hire your first employee. You should spend time with an employment law professional to fully understand your obligations for these (and other) procedures: federal and state payroll and withholding taxes, self-employment taxes, anti-discrimination laws, OSHA regulations, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation rules, and wage and hour requirements.

6. Obtain the necessary business permits and licenses

Depending on your business type and physical location, you may be required to have one or more business licenses or permits from the state, local or even federal level. Such licenses include: a general business operation license, zoning and land use permits, sales tax license, health department permits, and occupational or professional licenses.

7. File for trademark protection

You're not actually required by law to register a trademark. Using a name instantly gives you common law rights as an owner, even without formal registration. However, as expected, trademark law is complex and simply registering a DBA in your state doesn’t automatically give you common-law rights. In order to claim first use, the name has to be ‘trademarkable’ and in use in commerce.

Since you’ve spent untold hours brainstorming the ideal name, and you’ll be putting even more effort into cultivating name recognition, you should consider registering your trademark for proper legal protection. Registering a trademark makes it exponentially easier to recover your properties, like if someone happens to use your company name as their Twitter handle. Having the right documentation means you have the legal right to that handle, and Twitter will take steps to give it to you.

8. Open a bank account to start building business credit

When you rely on your personal credit to fund your business, your personal mortgage, auto loan and personal credit cards all affect your ability to qualify for a business loan (and for how much). Using business credit separates your personal activities from that of the business. To begin building your business credit, you should open a bank account in the name of your company, and the account should show a cash flow capable of taking on a business loan.

Get your legal ducks in a row

No matter how busy things with your startup get, set aside some time to address these matters and take your legal obligations seriously. Getting your legal ducks in a row right from the start will help you avoid any pitfalls down the road, and will help you scale your business successfully as you grow.



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MLM has constantly been on the growth, and several top MLM companies are ready up for highly growth in past years. MLM belongs to concept of Multilevels. It’s paid to members through various lucrative plans and concepts. Basically members get paid based on their position of level in the company, and commissions are usually delivered through levels to the top.

As we know there are abundant concept is working in MLM Industry but main dilemma here which is the best opportunity to run MLM Business Online.

Best Opportunity to run MLM Business Online


With the purpose of attain success with best MLM opportunity, it judge to finding a company that is the legal and exact for you. There are lot of things to consider to take decision about reliable company as company background, its establishment, plan or concept, revenue percentage, how long company been? The potential Answers of all the questions are helpful to make decision to join best opportunity.

So Around us … Choices are lot!! We are providing brief description of MLM plans to help you choose a wonderful plan for run Network marketing online.

MLM Binary Plan

MLM Binary Plan is evergreen concept in mlm world, starter likes to choose this basic plan in which a leader has downline into 2 sub-trees. One is left position and second is right position. After grows the member of downline it divides in power leg and profit leg. Mlm binary plan‘s distribution system works in 1:2 and 2:1 ratio.

MLM Australian Binary Plan

The Australian Binary MLM Plan is choose by domestic and international level network marketing companies.This plan depends on tri binary concept, networker has downline as three legs and get compensated when downline works.

MLM Matrix Plan

The Matrix MLM plan is one of the most popular international concepts in which networkers recruits new members under their downline up to levels. The leader gets fix divided of his levels. Matrix plan such a wonderful and extreme working plan which called also Forced Matrix Plan.

MLM Board Plan

In Board Plan Members or promoters work in a group, this group called board. When Board full with targeted networkers, it splits into sub-boards. Top networkers’ moves in next upper level and receive income from particular board.It is known by revolving matrix plan too.

MLM Generation Plan

Basically MLM Generation plan is based on sale of company product and services. This plan almost preferred by manufacturer of daily consumable products at mlm companies. In this plan networkers need to complete their basic target on sale of products and they receive commission on per product sale as term.

MLM Uni-level Business Plan

Unilevel MLM Plan is basic plan and simple to understand for users. Networker recruits new members up to levels and gets benefit on trade of company services and products. To motivate new comers Multi-level Marketing Company can entice them with some rewards and benefits to achieve their target.

MLM Stair Step Plan

The Stair Step business plan is same as generation plan it also works basis on sales of company services and products. When promoters achieve their sales targets they promote for next top level with higher commissions. This plan depends on team work of networker when downline works properly lead generates automatically and increase sales revenue too.

MLM Recharge Plan

Recharge concept in which you can recharge mobile post- paid and prepaid and paid utility bills with download a single android App. It totally depends on internet. User gets an amount of percentage to each recharge. This concept is working all Android system.

Donation Business Plan

MLM Donation Plan is a concept which is based on simple giving and taking concept. In this concept give a single help and get huge help to others. Donation plan is usually known as gift plan or help plan. Numerous International MLM companies started donation plan and still working in present with making large profit. MMM, Twinkas, ZarFund is latest example of donation concept.

Click Ads Business Plan

Now Days this is very popular plan in mlm market. This is simple concept handled through Internet. Member gets daily task as click of other web links and videos, Fan pages links etc. and earn percentage of commission on watching. There are many level user can choose desired plan to upgrade their account.

We have pleasure to developed many kinds of network marketing plans. Go with any Business Opportunity We are here to assist you every time. You can call on +91 9024604275 and drop query @ for MLM consultancy and software services.


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To start a business needs lots of money, whether you are trying for small and large scale business. The financial support is essential to establish and grow a business. There is very popular concept to raise fund for upcoming business called crowdfunding.To launch a business elementary term is money, people have brilliant business ideas but do not have money. Crowdfunding is a concept to raise amount from group of people.


Basically, to raise money crowdfunding is one of a powerful concept that enables you to connect with thousands to get help with small investing money and investors get a big amount in return. People donates small amount of money to develop a business online, and get a huge amount of revenue on their investments as a term. So it can say that crowdfunding is a funding strategy to startup a new business and it involves group of people to invest money and resources to bring monetary benefits.

Crowdfunding Integrated with MLM Software

We have developed various plan software for our clients. We provide crowdfunding MLM plans to integrated into MLM Software which contains AUTOUPGRADE feature to manage calculation of commission automatically. Through MLM Software MLM Company gets huge money from audience and public easily.

Our technology is our power, we provide customized solutions for small and large business holder and we ensures our clients to give perfect suggestion for their upcoming and running business. Contact us for Crowdfunding MLM Software at +91 9269991000

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For a New Marketing Business, networkers might have knowledge about market perspectives. MLM business is not severe task but it is not easy actually. There are several things in MLM industry and various plans are running. First, it is little bit tough to find a working business plan and big dilemma is pick a right software among numerous.  

MLM Software has many features and enables multilevel marketing companies to manage database automatically and work smoothly.


At MLM Developers our experts have developed customized mlm software with core features. We are implementing mlm software with latest technologies. Our software designed to show the range of possibilities and system flexibility. We consult new business fundamentals and develop advanced featured software like bot, integrated API, Currency Planners and customer friendly as per customer’s needs.

Features of MLM Software:

  -  Provide online marketing Promotion.

  -  MLM Software with Bitcoin API

  -  Mobile Friendly (Responsive Designing )

  -  Integrated With Bot Softwares.

  -  Integrated with E-Commerce Cart.

  -  Software integrated with SMS Alerts.

  -  SQL Database

  -  Support & Assistance

Don’t waste time and Order for MLM Software: Get Free Demo ..   Email us for any business Query : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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A successful MLM business depends on best MLM Software. Multilevel Marketing Software helps MLM business to speed up their profit, but if MLM Software is slow it can ruin your business and collapse your dignity and credibility.

Some causes are here to slow speed of MLM Software...



Server performance can be a big issue to speed down of your software, a cheap host will generally provide you shared server, you gets sharing space and resources with another websites and softwares. If you want to develop your business, be aware this type of cheap services because slow process makes you slow.



MLM Software has many features, here are several codes use to develop mlm software. So it is necessary to consider dense of codes, code density affects software’s speed. Bulky elements will slow system and reduce efficiency of software.


Useless files make software to speed down, it is very important to remove unnecessary files from your software database. These files take place with useful files and stops software to do work well.


Too Much Flash can slow your MLM Software and Website. Software should attractive, professional and user-friendly. No need to make it extra fantasy. Flash resists websites and software’s speed, means a huge amount of audience would not be able to access it.


Through MLM Software owner works easily and maintain member database, calculation, taxes. A cheap programming corrupts your software database and you can face a big loss from it. So it is really essential to develop your software from professionals to manage your software frequently and flawlessly.

It’s time to speed up your Network Marketing Software…

At MLM Developers we are professionals to provide comprehensive solution for MLM Business. Our Professionals always consider best programming for database of member entries you can able to manage millions of entries through our Multilevel marketing software and manages all issues related to speed and others. We are optimize your MLM Software pages, we provide SQL server database which grow profits, speeds entry and calculations. MLM Software Provided by MLM Developers helps to achieve profit at high speed. Book Your order Today..

Get Free Demo Here


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Job losses, Unemployment caused by financial crisis. It is not surprising that people is running toward instant money offers and schemes. Multilevel Marketing Business is an online opportunity, offers huge money on small investment. There are many plans to quick earn money in MLM Industry.

There are many opportunity in mlm industry as like MMM, ZARFUND, TWINKAS .  We are providing brief description here for audience.


TWINKAS :  It is a Donation Concept. The Plan starts in Nigerian currency from N5000, N10000, N20000 or Maximum N50000 . This plan works on 200% revenue on investment. When you join TWINKAS you need to donate to fellow member directly or by system, and when you get confirm link of your donation then system will automatically assign 2 new registered members under you. On your investment you get double amount. For More Information you can Read plan here :

MMM : MMM is also a helping concept . MMM is spreading worldwide too. Youth are embracing and have signed up on this scheme. MMM gives its member 30 percent revenue per month on each donation to make into the system. It is depends on the work of peoples, it is an attractive scheme to grow earning and get great output.

ZARFUND : This is 100 percent working opportunity. It called concept of crowdfunding. Where member pays to sponsor directly and instantly. Zarfund is based on bitcoin. People can create account on and get own bitcoin address. Bitcoin address is necessary to make transactions. If you want to know about Zarfund. .. you can get in wide from here :

If you want work from home over internet and want to earn instant and quick you can join any MLM good Concept, which is running in mlm market. Yes !! but be aware span>from fiddle and tricky concepts.

Contact us for any type of software development services : +91 926 999 1000

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There are lots of source to earn money online. Internet provides many opportunities to earn fast income, through the net you can get new methods to make additional income. A newbie or starter can easily establish their business online. We are providing some ideas to make fast buck online, the ratio of income depends on your efforts and your efficiency. Read through and consider which of these options might work for you.

Online Classes / Webinars

If you are expert and have complete knowledge of specific field, than your experience can be useful to run online classes or webinars. You can create online classes and can charge students to provide online study material .

Blog Writing

If you are passionate blogger you can write your own blog. You have to choose a title for starting a blog, your best and informative writing might a source of income. If your content are honest and different than you will start generating revenues. People will read blog and give comments, traffic will generate and your income will start now. You can sell advertisements and can implements on your blog.


Content Writing

Content writing is popular online work to make money. You can write contents for profit as well as clients needs, for others blogs , website and resumes, newsletters and more... You can earn fantastic income by writing for others.

Work as a Freelancer

There are lots of website on internet providing online works, you can create your splendid work profile their and start your online business. Freelancing websites are legal and have terms & conditions, so you can believe easily on it and can work without risk to lost amount what will you earn from online task.

Online Shop Creation

A thousand of shopping portal running on Internet you can make your small shop there. Big shopping portals provides facility to start shop of products. You can sale product there and can earn first class profit and revenue.

Work as Social Marketer

Small Business holders wants to popular their brands and often requires promoting worker on social media websites.You can learn and take training to understand social media marketing. Social networking platform is the best method of marketing nowdays. Every businessman eager to promote their business brand . Become a social marketer is a powerful way to set your online business.


Advertising is a profitable task , you can sell space on your web portal or blog for advertisement, when clicked ads by visitors to your site you earn income from clicking. Google Adword is a useful and popular for PPC ( pay per click). Links, RSS feed, Banner are some other option of online advertising

Web Designing

Website design is able to handle online completely. If you have some knowledge of designing software( coral, photoshop) you can get work online. People needs logo, brochures, photo editing, visiting cards many more things for their business. This is a good online job selection to earn money.

These are some ideas to earn money online. Make Extra income is not such a big deal today.. so choose ideas and improve yourself ready to go for online business.

Get Website Design, Software Development and Consultancy Services. Contact Today !! +91 9269991000



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Home Based Business have become highly used option for house wives, Jobseekers, freshers as well as who are searching source of extra income. Every person has interested to search a comfortable income source, home based business is such as good part time and full time money making source without have any experience. This is only rely on your planning, work speed, and your execution abilities.

Working from home is best opportunity for all, which are looking for a good source of income and don’t get sufficient earning from their jobs. It is as like bonus, low cost and easy to complete task.



There are several work option to earn money from home via Internet. Clicking ads is one of the popular method for generating extra income among all. Basically this type of home based business works without cost or investments. There are no risk lost of money and it depends upon your determine, focus and interest only, through your capabilities you can generate a large scale profitable business from home. For this job needn’t any experience and wide knowledge of business. You are able to get income by online payment methods.

MLM Developers India software development company has vast experience to develop Clicking Ads Business Softwares. We are providing secure and reliable website and software services for your all type of business. Contact us for FREE SOFTWARE DEMO...

Call for Software Services : USA :  +1888-254-0118 |   UK :  +44-203-695-8661  |   India : +91-926-999-1000


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Cryptocurrency is term as digital currency. In this digital era people want to change their life from simple to digital. Cryptocurrency not merely help to make their transaction easy it helps to decrease the system of monopolis currency exchangers.

An exchager program or software helps to run cryptocurrency in digital way, where no restriction on withdrawal and no charges included. Person can sale and purchase their currency easily, any where, any time through internet. is an example of exchange program it integrated with bitcoin and convert bitcoin into other currencies.


Secure Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange program

SSL- security
Automatic limits for funds withdrawal
Intellectual anti-fraud system
Two-factor authentication system

Simple and user friendly

Crypto exchange program has sophisticated and user-friendly features for users , it makes easy transaction of multicurrency and cryptocurrency, and provide flexible and simple administration so that user can simply create their sale purchase orders.

The system operates in multi languages with white label exchange system. It works fast and have many options to set currency structure, languages slection, coin system and more..Currency Exchange program allows to integrate multicurrency like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ppcoin, Litecoin and others. There are different payment methods for fiat money transaction (deposit and withdrawal). e.g. Payeer, OKPay, Perfect Money, SWIFT, bank transfer.

MLM Developers India : Contact us for MLM Software and Website Services. We are available to give business plan consultancy and assistance for you.

Click here for FREE DEMO

Email at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 visit us :



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Bitcoin is well known cyptocurrency, like bitcoin many currencies are popular in the market. Within a few years tend of cyptocurrencies going on peak. People using digital payment method and feeling comfort, now it is a part of our financial terms. Cryptocurrency is calling future of digital payments, it works completely on cryptography.

There are many cryptocurrency is running in finance era, which is usable for money transaction and has power to reduce banking monopolies system. Everyone can payment easily in a faster way than banks without commission or fees. This is really a great function for everyone who suffers many formalities to get payment online. The concept of cryptogaphy is for people by people.

Now the Question is............ Can we Run Our Own Cryptocurrency ?

Ofcourse , you can run your own cryptocurrency in this digital market.


When you think about creating your own currency it is initial to find a community and create a currency around them rather than building a currency and expecting everyone to show up. Mostly cryptocurrerncies owner using technology like blockchain to run your coin. Blockchain is well popular among the world as a term of shared ledger of bitcoin.

 You can hire like blockchain ( a transaction recorder of bitcoin) and can allow to convert your currency to convert in bitcoin through Blockchain stored by everyone completely based on network so that person can send their coin to rightful owner or authorized person.

If you want to have full authority over the code which runs your currency, and extreme ability to set all its parameters however you want, then you will need to start the network from scratch with your own stored distributer like blockchain.

There are various options to customize your currency to make it unique for right purposes. You can set mining option to secure your network, can choose how much data you want to allow in each payment, coin maximum or minimum limit and also can change level of fees and other coin issue like recycle and other...

MLM DEVELOPERS is a leading Software Development company .. Click here for free demo of cryptocurrency softwares and programs. Email at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Bitcoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency. It sales and purchases on virtual basis. No one have bitcoin in hand, basically bitcoin is a form of virtual global currency. If we talk about the transaction of bitcoin we find that this is not stored in your wallet. The all transaction of bitcoin stored by globally distributed ledger called blockchain ( When we start to create bitcoin wallet , we need a bitcoin address to create it. This address is provided by Blockchain is a shared ledger which based on bitcoin networks completely. All complete transactions contains in blockchain. This way, Bitcoin wallets can calculate their user balance and other new transactions can be verified to be spending bitcoins. The integrity and the temporal order of the block chain are regulated with cryptography.


Blockchain provides unique address when you create your bitcoin wallet. This address generated private and public key. Bitcoin wallet has this private key or piece of secret data, it gives the permission to spend bitcoin and make transaction in bitcoin. All transaction are secure and process of mining will help to run it flawlessly. Mining enforces a chronological order in the block chain, protects the nonchalance of the network, and permits different computers to agree according the system. No one can control individually this process, it is a huge processing of comfortable transaction.

MLM Developers a multi-technology development company provides all type of business website and softwares. Our support and assistance is always with our clients. Drop a mail for any type of business software and business query.

Email Us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit us: /

Contact :

  India : +91 926999 1000  |  USA : +1888-254-0118  |   UK :  +44-203-695-8661 

Connect us On social Media :

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Today various MLM Plan is running rapidly in MLM Industry. The concept of online money making inveigles people to start new venture. Some concept of making money is going more popular among the people in online market as like ZARFUND, MMM etc.

Zarfund and MMM basically concept of donation for all the members & guests to learn & get trained on person to person bitcoin donation online program.


MLM Developers ensure best customer interaction possible, by making use of advanced script in JAVA and PhP for software development. Our software designs are suitable for multiple screen resolutions in international market. We can help you develop replicated, clone software and android applications from the ground up or offer development assistance for any projects you have.


So, if you are inspired by online multilevel marketing business , which is in demand. come to us... our customized clone script will help you to start your own business. You can get clone software or script like ZARFUND, MMM with enhance features and unique ideas.

Drop your query for clone script and other replicated softwares at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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Cryptocurrency has lots of buzz now days. A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange currency based on cryptology to make transaction secure and reduce the creation of intermediaries. A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, which works over internet in peer to peer networks. It gives relief to people from extra tussle and control to creation of commission based additional units.It is accepting all over the world, now it is the part of our lives.

The world is change becoming more democratic through cryptology, it is converting in digital world and this digital world has a digital currency like bitcoin, lite coin, etherium Etc.. various crypto-currency works in market, some researcher has been predicted that crypto-currency will future currency . Our software solution offers technical platform to implement the digital currency into existing payment options.


Bitcoin a cryptocurrency is virtual, digital and anonymous currency, helps to exchange money online anytime, anywhere via internet. We customize everything as per your requirement, we integrate other coin currency in Multilevel Marketing Software solution. MLM Developers has integrated cryptocurrency concept with our MLM Business Solution and develop perfect network marketing software for Marketing Industry.

Features of Our Software :

Payment Transaction Details

High Security

Fund Transfer

Payment Setting Control

Multiple Payment Gateway Support

Auto Payment accept

Complete Transaction Details

Direct Level Income

User Account Status

Auto Bonus process

We provide 100 % secure and economy software for our clients. Grab Today MLM Software for crypto-currency FREE DEMO here :

Send Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any type of business solution. We are always here to attend your queries.


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MLM Helping plan is also denominated as donation and gift plan. The concept of helping plan is going very popular in the networking market, its popularity is increasing because the concept works in a captivating way, people donates or invest a small amount and receives a large number of amount as a revenue from other investors. This help works person to person as a cycle and everyone gets maximum benefit on their investment. The prime dogma of donation plan is send small help and get multiple help among the people.


Integration of E-currency like bitcoin has radical change in business scenario. so donation plan software is providing with latest online payment methods to make successful of network marketing business. It is because mlm software with advance payment option integrated with digital currency provides fast and easy transaction.

 Features of Donation / Helping plan


 Give and take strategy

 Receive income as a donation

 Minimum Investment

 Maximum Benefits

MLM Developers is a capable team to develop all kind of mlm business softwares for small and large scale business. We do Multilevel Marketing software development with core Bitcoin API. At MLM Developers we have delivered reliable, fascinate and tested mlm softwares.

Contact us to get helping / donation plan software at :

USA : +1888-254-0118 | UK : +44-203-695-8661 | India : +91-926-999-1000  

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The success of MLM Business depends on its online transaction system. People connected to each other online via internet and working for earn money at Multilevel Marketing Business. Today the method of online transaction has changed , an new element crypto-currency is added in financial system.

The concept of Bitcoin API auto accept or auto withdrawal software is different to encourage people to make transaction online and reduce number of currency changer mediators. MLM Developers, is playing vital role to develop latest MLM Business Softwares using latest and secure technology for MLM people and MLM business holders.


We provide a variety of services in the areas of business software and website development. If you are willing to start your own MLM business with Bitcoin Auto Accepted or Auto Withdrawal features , we are eager to develop it with our reasonable and scalable MLM Software integrated with Bitcoin API. So come to us and drop a request for FREE DEMO. You can start easily your Network Marketing Business with auto- featured software. Due to bitcoin concept is latest trend in multilevel marketing, you can easily achieve your goal with our assistance and support.

Our Beneficial Services :

Reasonable Price – We provide MLM Software at affordable and reasonable cost, we have vast experience and there are some unique modules that we can develop best with best quality.

Faster delivery – Our expert team has efficiency to develop MLM project rapidly with customization.

Latest Features We are provide mlm script contains user friendly admin panel, integrated with latest technology as like Bitcoin API and Telegram Bot .

Professional Support – We provide Professional support. You can contact us any time and can send Email and connect us on social networks easily. Our support will available with our regular and post services for our clients.

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Bitcoin is a digital , anonymous and virtual currency in entire world . It referred to as peer to peer digital payment system. Bitcoin currency is in a virtual form and anybody can payment online as well as physical stores. With the huge usage of Internet and transactions through electronic mode, founded digital currency was indispensable. A question is arise in mind that is digital currency legal .? is it a safe form of currency? Though some countries like US have regulating bitcoins, in India , the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is probing on this digital currency but wide ranging view of digital currency among Internet users, has not shown interest of regulating it.

US States and UK have shown positive attitude towards the digital market. Other countries is also keeping vigil on this crypto- currency but still has not shown corrupt the concept of bitcoins (virtual currency). Accepting bitcoins in not illegal under any existing laws.


In August 2013 a spokesperson declared via email that bitcoin was under observation, and has shown positive view, that digital currency is legal and currently unregulated.

To find more view on legality of Bitcoin , please refer to some important source given below:

MLM Developers is software development company, provides MLM Software with Bitcoin API with auto accept withdrawal functionality. Grab mlm software in bitcoin Today.. Contact us for more inquiry :

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YES!!  MLM Developers has a team of professionals offer you well promising Software Services for your different kind of business. We are leading with latest technologies like as clone and bot software development services.We are working to give best services to our clients.

Our main vision is provides to potential software services which are beneficial for any company. There are many advantage you can get with our best multilevel marketing software.


Just drop mail and make a call us to get any type of BUSINESS SOFTWARE....

Contact Details : +91 926999 1000 /+1888-254-0118/ +44-203-695-8661

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Each business brings responsibility, risk and liability from starting, but human always  want convenient and easy way to earn money. In subsequence Multi Level Marketing has developed in the market, the quick source of earn money. It says to come, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. MLM Business is too hard to operate manually without any source, so run flawlessly MLM business, MLM Software has developed. Through MLM Software work is going fast and fluent. Regular method of payment now has converted in online payment. Gradually the process of business is going change new methods to develop efficiency and reduce the complexity of money transaction in Multi-Level Marketing Business.

New age popular currency, Bitcoin has revolutionized the business landscape, offers decentralized financial transaction without any assistance from a third party. Almost promoter, networker, and mlm business holder already made their comment about bitcoin world class digital currency. It is most secure and provides us with a convenient channel for the peer-peer transaction.


So at MLM Developers, we took Bit Coin Payment Processor API and Integrated with our MLM software solution and Developed Liability FREE MLM Software for Network Marketing Business.

Our LATEST MLM SOFTWARE is supportive of integrating bitcoin wallet and bitcoin service suppliers. We assure to provide a liability free mlm software integrated with bitcoin . MLM Developers is a big leading company in Software Development Industry. We have achieved great success from past years in software developments.  MLM Developers is a dedicated destination to get all type of business services, based on latest technology and integrated with modern features. We have released MLM Software beta in bitcoin which is auto-functional based on bot. This Software allows to drive your Business easily and friendly manner . 


Call at +91 926999 1000 and EMAIL us at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We develop complete and Perfect MLM Software to MLM Companies. Our networking business Software can be used with Network Marketing Companies and Direct Selling Companies.



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